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• "A clock network for geodesy and fundamental science,"

C. Lisdat, G. Grosche, N. Quintin, C. Shi, S.M.F. Raupach, C. Grebing, D. Nicolodi, F. Stefani, A. Al-Masoudi, S. Dörscher, S. Häfner, J.-L. Robyr, N. Chiodo, S. Bilicki, E. Bookjans, A. Koczwara, S. Koke, A. Kuhl, F. Wiotte, F. Meynadier, E. Camisard, M. Abgrall, M. Lours, T. Legero , H. Schnatz, U. Sterr, H. Denker, C. Chardonnet, Y. Le Coq, G. Santarelli, A. Amy-Klein, R. Le Targat, J. Lodewyck, O. Lopez and P.-E. Pottie
Nature Communications, DOI: 10.1038/ncomms12443 (August, 9th 2016) 


• "La lumière des meilleures horloges accessible par les fibres du réseau Internet,"

 A. Amy-Klein, O. Lopez, C. Chardonnet, E. Camisard, G. Santarelli and P.-E. Pottie

Reflets de la Physique n° 47 - 48 (2016) 


• "Ultra-stable optical frequency dissemination on a multi-access fibre network,"

Anthony Bercy, Olivier Lopez, Paul-Eric Pottie and Anne Amy-Klein

Applied Physics B (2016) 122: 189.


"Cascaded optical fiber link using the Internet network for remote clocks comparison,"

N. Chiodo, N. Quintin, F. Stefani, F. Wiotte, E. Camisard, C. Chardonnet, G. Santarelli, A. Amy-Klein, P.-E. Pottie, and O. Lopez,

Optics Express 23, 33927-33937 (2015)


• “Quantum cascade laser frequency stabilization at the sub-Hz-level,“ 

B. Argence, B. Chanteau, O. Lopez, D. Nicolodi, M. Abgrall, C. Chardonnet, C. Daussy, B. Darquié, Y. Le Coq and A. Amy-Klein, 
Nature Photonics 9, 456–460 (2015) 


• "Frequency and time transfer for metrology and beyond using telecommunication network fibres"

O. Lopez, F. Kéfélian, H. Jiang, A. Haboucha, A. Bercy, F. StefaniB. Chanteau, A. Kanj, D. Rovera, J. Achkar, C. Chardonnet, P.-E. Pottie, A. Amy-Klein and G. Santarelli,
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• "Tackling the Limits of Optical Fiber Links"

F. Stefani, O. Lopez, A. Bercy, W.-K. Lee, C. Chardonnet, G. Santarelli, P.-E. Pottie and A. Amy-Klein,
JOSAB 32, 787-797 (2015)


• "Two-Way Optical Frequency Comparisons Over 100 km Telecommunication Network Fibers"

A. Bercy, F. Stefani, O. Lopez, C. Chardonnet, P.-E. Pottie and A. Amy-Klein,
Physical Review A Rapid Comm, 90, 001802(R) (2014)


• "Spectral purity transfer between optical wavelengths at the 10^−18 level",

D.Nicolodi, B. Argence, W. Zhang, R. Le Targat, G. Santarelli and Y. Le Coq
Nature Photonics 8,219–223 (19th January 2014)


• ”In-line extraction of an ultrastable frequency signal over an optical fiber link,"

A. Bercy, S. Guellati-Khelifa, F. Stefani, G. Santarelli, C. Chardonnet, P.-E. Pottie, O. Lopez, and A. Amy-Klein,
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B / Vol. 31, No. 4 (April 2014)


• Mid-infrared laser phase-locking to a remote near-infrared frequency reference for high-precision molecular spectroscopy”

Chanteau, Lopez, Zhang, Nicolodi, Argence,Auguste, Abgrall, Chardonnet, Santarelli, Darquié, Le Coq and Amy-Klein,
New Journal of Physics 15 073003 (10pp), (2013)


• “Simultaneous remote transfer of accurate timing and optical frequency over a public fiber network,”

O. Lopez, A. Kanj, P.-E. Pottie, D. Rovera, J. Achkar, C. Chardonnet, A. Amy-Klein, and G. Santarelli,
Applied Physics B Lasers and Optics ISSN 0946-2171 Volume 110 Number 1


• "Ultra-stable long distance optical frequency distribution using the Internet fiber network"

O. Lopez, A. HabouchaB. Chanteau, C. Chardonnet, A. Amy-Klein, and G. Santarelli,
Optics Express, Vol. 20, Issue 21, pp. 23518-23526 (2012)


• Cascaded multiplexed optical link on a telecommunication network for frequency dissemination,”  

O. Lopez, A. Haboucha, F. Kéfélian, H. Jiang, B. Chanteau, V. Roncin, C. Chardonnet, A. Amy-Klein, and G. Santarelli,
Opt.Express 18:16849, (2010)


• “Multiplexed optical link for ultra-stable frequency dissemination,”

O. Lopez, B. Chanteau, V. Roncin, F. Kefelian, C. Chardonnet, A. Amy-Klein, H. Jiang, A. Haboucha, and G. Santarelli,
Frequency Control Symposium (FCS), 2010 IEEE International, pp 639 - 641, (1-4th of June 2010)


• “High-resolution microwave frequency dissemination on an 86-km urban optical link,”

O. Lopez, A. Amy-Klein, M. Lours, C. Chardonnet, and G. Santarelli,
Applied Physics B, Volume 98,
Issue 4, pp 723-727 (March 2010)


• “High-resolution optical frequency dissemination on a telecommunications network with data traffic,”

F. Kéfélian, O. Lopez, H. Jiang, C. Chardonnet, A. Amy-Klein, and Giorgio Santarelli
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• “Long-distance frequency transfer over an urban fiber link using optical phase stabilization,”

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• “86-km optical link with a resolution of 2 × 10-18 for RF frequency transfer,”

O. Lopez, A. Amy-Klein, C. Daussy, C. Chardonnet, F. Narbonneau, M. Lours and G. Santarelli,
Eur. Phys. J. D 48, 35-41 (2008)


• “High resolution frequency standard dissemination via optical fiber metropolitan network,”

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Rev. Sci. Instrum. 77, 064701 (2006)


• “Long-distance frequency dissemination with a resolution of 10-17,”

C. Daussy , O. Lopez , A. Amy-Klein, A. Goncharov, M. Guinet, C. Chardonnet, F. Narbonneau, M. Lours, D. Chambon, S. Bize, A. Clairon, G. Santarelli, M.E. Tobar, and A.N Luiten,
Phys Rev Lett. 2005 May 27;94(20):203904. Epub (24th of May 2005)