Rapport à mi parcours

Nous donnons ci-dessous les conclusions et recommandations de l'évaluation 2017 : 

The project has been very successful. The REFIMEVE+ group is the first in the world to have provided the accuracy level needed to usefully compare atomic clocks at different locations. The first results have received international recognition, including a mention in “La Recherche” as one of the top ten innovations for 2016, and an article in “Le Monde” newspaper. The work puts France at the cutting edge internationally for a very interesting set of experiments that could impact fields from fundamental physics to earth science, thanks to the ability to network atomic clocks for the first time. It will also make atomic clocks fully accessible to many laboratories that have not had such access.
It will be important to secure the future integration of the project network and tools into RENATER. We also believe that the further development of instruments related to this project should be strongly pursued.